Friday, March 24, 2006

Children's Directory of Activities


Using the Kindersite

Dear Kindersite Subscriber

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Kindersite has not been
available since Wednesday. I am expecting it to be available again later
today. I am very sorry for any problems or disappointments this may have
caused or be causing. I assure you, we are also very upset about this.

As a temporary measure I have placed the 'Children's Directory' on to our
sister site. You can use the children's directory by clicking

This site is the World Education Directory and is used for our work in
European and Global Education projects.

I will leave the 'Children's Directory' on this alternative site and you can
use it at any time you want.

I have been told that the full Kindersite will be available within a few

The children's voices you can now hear in the directory belong to my
daughters and their friends, enjoy.

If you want to write to me please use for the present.

With sincere apologies

Joel Josephson
Kindersite Project and World Education Database

Joel H Josephson. Executive Director
Where children play and teachers learn