Sunday, June 21, 2009

NECC Basics
Cathy's choices for NECC 09
Jen's suggestions for NECC09
Open Source Sessions at NECC
NECC tweetup Tues from 7 to 9

Your one stop shop for NECC2009 info!

Are you going to NECC

Here are tips I gleaned from the web!

Arrive early for sessions. Have several sessions in mind in case one is full or it was not what you were expecting
I like the early sign up options for the BYOL sessions

Arrive early for sessions. Have several sessions in mind in case one is full or it was not what you were expecting

Stop by the games and simulations playground at #necc2009 and see how creative and powerful these learning environments can be.

Just don't try to do everything. Do what really matters to you and you will have a great time!

NECC Survival Tip: Don't be shy! Jump into conversations that you find interesting. Much learning takes place between sessions!

Check out the ISTE sig

The Opening Gala reception is from 7-8:30 on Sunday--that's the big one for everyone
We're planning to do a short, live WOW2 session on Tuesday from 4:00-4:30pm and would love to have all of you join us!


great idea .. taking a grad course based around the conference. Cool hey?

Everyone onsite and offiste will be using the same hashtag #NECC09 since we are live streaming we want to be part of the same conversations

We have the WOW2 event listed on the NECC Unplugged schedule-Tuesday at 4:00pm

Monday is twitter meetup and Tuesday is the Library of Congress event

Summertime Sites of the day

Grooveshark ..listen and share music of your choice

Diigo Slideshare instant slide show of your chosen web sites etc.. good for smartboards .. Diigo creates Webslides Turning bookmarks into interactive slideshows

Summertime Blogs to Read

playing with sand
.... the game involves four different particles falling from the top of the screen, which all look and move similar to sand. The particles resemble sand, water .. art tools that let you sprinkle colorful sand sprinkles all over the screen to make pure eye candy

the video says it all

Great blog to follow over the summer

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

80 plus videos you may want to incorporate into your teaching in September!

Which ones might work for you?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tips for keeping the learning going over the summer holidays from Peter Reynolds of Fablevision fame.

One of the many topical topics from Education World. Check out the end of the year and summer resources

An inspirational blog!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cool Image Tools
Search for graphics rubber band style
Tag Galaxy
Diigo Sharing Group
Sharing Flickr Tools etc
images4education Front Page
Inspired Picture Writing

Great Images for Education tools
Gleaned from a recent elluminate session..June 13th 2009
It's so great to know where to find all of these fantastic images that are safe to use in schools and have creative commons licenses!
You will have such an excellent jumpstart on your lesson plans with the activities in images4education
Tag Galaxy
Rubber Band Search Tool is another great site with a ning for ideas for sharing and resources as well for creative commons images

SueH has a image friendly sites at

A is the new site we're using to share the links from our shows.

images4education is a course you're going to WANT to participate in--even though it's officially over!

the good news, though, is that it is getting harder and harder to justify the blocking of sites.

also use ishowu on your Mac

Don't forget to add bookmarks to our new Diigo group!

For easy and ready posting

it's always so disappointing when you find fantastic free tools and then they disappear--really sad to lose Flowgram!!
email your class postings ..great for young students

Carla has been a guest on several EdTechTalk shows! Always exciting to hear what she's up to and you can hear those recordings in the ETT archives

I rfer you to

Jing for screenshots

use SnapzPro for screenshots on your Mac

use Kwout and send to tumblr

try simply box for a great visual tool and web page ..lots of fun
Simply Box

Need clip art. Try these!!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

C o43 KMcElman_090516_O2 letter L Letter T O letter O letter L letter S

Spell with Flickr

MY Top 10 FREE Cool Tools
Awesome Highlighter

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Thanks to Jen for sharing her Wordle ideas. Must use today in my grade 5 class ..Wordle Ideas