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Mark your calendar today for Tapped In Festival 2008! The Festival will take place on July 23 (2pm-8pm PDT) and July 24 (8am-2pm PDT). The theme this year is "Beyond Conflict: Building Peaceful Communities." Watch for updates and a flyer coming soon! View the Festival Webpage at 2008 Tappedin Summer Festival

Pete Mackay to theteacherlist

List member, Rod Oickle, uses this site during PD sessions to try and inspire new teachers questioning their decision to enter this field and to try to keep them on the right track with the basic current issues in education. I thought it was a great site to cap off the year.

And speaking of that, this is the last Teacher List for this year. In September, I'll begin my 10th year of The Teacher List! I wish you all the best as you find some time to refresh, regenerate and relax this summer. See you in the fall!

The URL:

Wednesday, June 25, 2008 provides free, ad-supported, visually-oriented, step-by-step tutorials for the busy teacher. Summertime is a great time to investigate at least one or two tutorials!! Inpics provides the necessary skills in a very tidy manner.

Friday, June 20, 2008

imagine sending a group of high school students there with the assignment to view three sites and review them.

imagine sending a group of high school students there with the assignment to view three sites and review them.
they'll have a field day (and love it!)

with a writen review be place on a class blog

or in Discussion threads here in a K-12 classroom at

educators constantly feel overwhelmed by the wealth of materials and plethora of sites out there... the solution? get the kids involved!
i only know a handful of those sites... but looking over them i could see how many students and teachers could find almost all of them useful in one way or another.
how to use with students and or teachers

glad I came back to it..much improved

thanks again JeffC

oh so cute visual search engine for all ages. Be sure to view cute commercial of REDZEE
RedZee (love the name) is a family oriented search engine that restricts pornographic results. Still investigate thoroughly before using with youngsters.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Ms. Jacoby's second grade class would like to share their daily experiences, projects, learning and adventures.

Courtesy: Pete McKay

The Teacher List-ZooBlog Telecollaborative Project

Here's the latest telecollaborative project I worked on with Sandra Gluth, Laurie Tisberger, and Jeff Webster. Laurie and Jeff are from Greenfield School and teach grades 2 and 6 respectively. The 2's spent a whole week at our local zoo in a program called ZooSchool. That's very cool on its own account but Laurie took things even further with her students. She asked them to paint their favorite animal. Jeff's grade 6 class stepped in and worked with the younger students to create the more complex background habitats for each animal.

With Sandra's help, the drawings were all sent to my own Hypermedia Tech 10 students (mostly grade 10), who then used a blog with the 2's to discuss the animal and how it might be animated. As with previous projects, my students were graded not on their Flash skills so much as their communication skills. The animations were then shared on the blog and the younger students did some more writing to add to things.

One other aspect that we added to this term's project is a teacher's wiki. Look for the link on the right side of the blog. We used this to write and communicate with each other, as I have never met Jeff and Laurie before. It was a great technique to keep in touch.

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Teacher Tools These tools were posted to the TeachersFirst list. Some pretty cool stuff worth exploring over the summer holidays!

Thanks to BjB from

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Create a self-portrait on Mr., e-mail it & print it. Why not use them to decorate the classroom! Great end of the year project.

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