Sunday, August 31, 2008

Nellie's site is a gold mine of resources for the Kindergarten teacher. Be sure to investigate and pull down those tabs. You will be rewarded.


Teachers can make word clouds in math with their vocab words..and I just stumbled upon using Wordle in the classroom

Cool Tools for Schools.. They've put together a new collection of Web links for you. ... these resources that could put you way ahead in school and in life ...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The idea of the Virtual Kindergarten is to support and enrich the half-day in-person program and increase parent involvement in their child's education. Goals for the kids include teaching students about online safety and digital citizenship and to build on the technology skills the students already possess when they arrive at school.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Read this document on Scribd: Early Numeracy Must Read List of Books

An ever favourite with lots of ties to many curriculum areas and benchmarks The Gingerbreadman

Other links

I thought I would send out a list of books that were recommended and others that I found on the Amazon and Chapters sites.
My class is really enjoying this and they are eventually going to each write their own version. Hope some of you have as much fun as we are having!!

The Gingerbread Girl
by Ernst Campbell

The Gingerbread Boy
by Ian Beck

The Gingerbread Cowboy
by Janet Squires

The Great Pancake Escape
By Many Paul & Goto Scott

The Runaway Rice Cake
by Ying Chang Compestine

The Runaway Tortilla
by Eric A. Kimmel

The Runaway Pancake
by Mairi Mackinnon

The Runaway Pancake
by Silvia Provantini

The Stinky Cheese Man
by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith

The Gingerbread Baby
by Jan Brett

The Monster Cheese, The Matzah Man, The Pancake

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Andy Camper
Andy Camper
Andy's PhotoStream on Flickr serves as a stimulus for classroom science activities. This new web portal, Andy Camper, is all about outdoor adventures for kids. For example try creating this Cool Viewer to check out all those bugs that are apparent at this time of year!

A Treasure Trove of lesson plans and resource ideas for the K to 3 classroom
JGriffin's web page

Friday, August 15, 2008

gleaned from the chatboards of

You may find this useful in your planning.
Useful PDFs and word documents included!

Teaching Resources for Sale K to 3

Read Alouds approximately 100 books
3$ to 5$ 4 hard cover
1$ toi 3$ soft cover

Monday, August 11, 2008


What others are saying about Wordle

Wordle Shmurde

Brenda's Take on Wordle

recording sheets enclosed in word format

Just a quick plug for this super energizer to get your year off to a great start and integrate tech into your curriculumseamlessly!

A message to all members of Projects By Jen

Hello Friends --

Well, looks like summer is over and time to start registering for some projects!! :)

A Room with a View will open today and you can register at

Please make sure you have read all instructions - this is a SCHOOL YEAR PROJECT!!

Also O.R.E.O. will start registration in about 2 weeks. Next weekend will be devoted to building the site and getting things uploaded. The project will have 2 parts -- and you can choose which to participate in. We will do "That's the Way the Cookie Tumbles" and we will also be having the "O.R.E.O. STUF Fashion Show!" This will be our 10th year of this project -- I hope you will join in the fun and invite other classrooms at your school to as well. Let's end this project with a BANG (hmmm, perhaps a bite??) - grins!

Finally, as you know, the Jenuinetech projects will always be brought to you free of charge -- but there are some operating costs. So -- if you would like to help offset some of the costs....I have a way that you can help, and get something in return as well.

The Jenuinetech Newsletter is usually $12 a year....but right now, I am offering a special of ALL the newsletters from November 1, 2001 (on a CD) plus one year's subscription for $25. That is over 75 months of links, teacher tips, classroom ideas, and more!!
You can find out more by following this link:

Oh, and one more thing. I recently found out that February is the 200th Birthday of Abraham I am going to put the Iditarod on hold and host the project "HATS OFF TO LINCOLN" -- more on this soon!!

Thanks for being a part of my projects!
I wish you a wonderful new school year!!


Jennifer Wagner
Encouraging Teachers To Use Technology Tools

35 Tech Tips For Teachers

Technospud Newsletter

Visit Projects By Jen at:

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Of particular interest are the literature based Word Puzzles and KidPix projects etc.

Far Out I just climbed out from under my rock and realised I have not updated this since the last week of the last month...
I am overwhelmed with discovering time doesn't stand still, selling my soul to Google, just generally being asleep, dreaming and chancing to anyone unfortunate to cross my path, my day lasts forever from 4:55am to till I fall into bed at midnight. I am so over it. I need a holiday.

I wish one day I will have time to blog again. One day I will find my magic genie! I keep looking, anyway!.

Just for fun on a lazy hazy Sunday afternoon!