Monday, May 31, 2010

In September 2009, Bitstips launched a “new educational site, Bitstrips for Schools!”
Soon after we launched, we found that teachers everywhere were using Bitstrips as a teaching tool, engaging their students with the exciting power of comic creation. So, we decided to build a new version of Bitstrips, tailored specifically for teachers. Bitstrips for Schools has all the awesome tools from Bitstrips, transplanted into a safe and secure environment, with additional administrative features that put the teacher in control. Teachers can create a virtual classroom, where their students can become cartoon characters and then complete activities by making comics. It’s an amazing way to promote literacy while having fun.
And, to start things off with a bang, we’ve licensed the service to the Ministry of Education for our home province of Ontario. This means that all 5000 publicly funded schools now have access to Bitstrips – that’s over 2,000,000 students! We can’t wait to see what they come up with.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Updates and new features for school edition of Bitstrips!

Mindmaps and graphic organizers worth exploring!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Worksheets, jobs, flashcards, lesson plans, and activities for teaching ESL and EFL. Boggle’s World ESL is maintained by a group of ESL teachers in Asia and North America. Their aim is to bring printable quality resources to teachers and parents.

Boggle’s World is a resource site for TEFL and ESL teachers who teach elementary and middle school English, ESL and EFL to kids. Just click, print, and copy.

You will find:
Word Searches
Flash Cards
Creative Writing
Work Sheets
ESL Science
Potion Book
Spell Book
ESL for Adults
ESL Articles
Lesson Plans
Scott Foresman
ESL Jobs

Tips for parents/home schoolers and teachers on literacy and literature for children. For example "The Book Chook presented an Interview with Francie Dillon. US award winning children’s singer–storyteller and Professor of Children’s Literature at California State University at Sacramento, Francie Dillon speaks nationally on the topic of read aloud techniques and children’s literacy. The Book Chook asked her, "Why storytelling, and not just reading to kids?" With over 1,000 followers it is worth following BookChook on Twitter. A refreshing take on literacy from this down under kindergarten teacher. Her Book Chook blog shares snippets from the wonderful world and words of kids’ literacy and literature.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

We are all searching for that ultimate lesson to keep students engaged during these last few weeks of school.

To begin:
1 - Click on "Lesson Plans"
2 - Click on Canadian

You will find an overview of all sites in the collection filtered by grade and subject level. Enjoy and I I do hope you will find a teaching/learning treasure here.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Invention at Play is an interactive and engaging exhibition that celebrates the creative processes at the heart of science and technology innovation—through play and exploration. This website belongs to a program for growth, play and invention called Inventions At Play. The site is filled with games designed to make children think

Monday, May 17, 2010

The read aloud today was Give a Goat
The book was inspired by Heifer Inter International
There are lots of support materials here..
"Heifer International provides sustainable development education resources and opportunities for all ages. Whether you are an adult or a child, a student or a teacher, Heifer Education offers you a chance to better understand global hunger and poverty – and come away with a re-energized determination to be part of the solution to world poverty."

Related links to use with students to reinforce the theme of responsibility and giving

Free Rice
Free Poverty
Free the Children

Note: Contemplate setting up Free Rice on your class computers or as a 5 minute filler with your class Smartboard or use for early finishers or for students who need a little extra drill and paractice. Use in the lab or as a school/home connection.

Web of the Day

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Do you wish to send home a recommended summer reading list for your students?

Web Siteings.....

Blog of the Day
What Teachers can Learn from Students
3 Tools for Exploiting the Wifi During Presentations

Friday, May 14, 2010

"This can be a quick journal project for your students to record some of their favorite memories from last year, or write hopes and wishes for the new one."

Other end of the year projects to engage students

Create a Word Search
Suggestions from Ed World
Year End Ideas
Vicki's List of End of the Year Projects

Sunday, May 09, 2010

An amazing math virtual interactive tool for the K to 8 classroom. Explore!
Math Virtual Interactives

Blog of the Day

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Challk Talk

Thanks to Angela Maiers who frequently scours the web for just the right site fellow educators may find useful to collaborate and work with students.

Glogster..projects done 21st Century Style.

Glogster for Educators/Students

Are we forgetting about the impportance of creativity and play in the kndergarten classroom. This 2008 article reflects the concern. This blog was started for a masters class dealing with play based learning. Enjoy the essay and some links to you tube videos. Check out the "The Full Day Kindergarten" by Doris Pronin Fromberg. Although printed in 1987 it is relevant today.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Love the personal touch that comes with a subscription to Internet4Classrooms

Dear Sue,

Thanks so much for using Internet 4 Classrooms with your students and children to find the best educational resources. Our newsletter focuses on sharing tips and ideas and asking for your input in helping make our site grow and meet your individual needs in the classroom, home school setting, and as a parent.

Also follow us on Twitter (internet4classr) to stay up to date with our offerings and our new sources/links for great educational and technology information for both you and your students and children.

We answer direct questions via email about almost any subject matter. We feel that this is a very important part of Internet4classrooms. If you have a question we would like to give you an answer. Internet4classrooms is maintained and built for educators, parents and students and this site is yours. Comments and suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks for your support.

May is a busy month with so many learning opportunities for a variety of subjects. Check out theirr Featured Picks for May. This is a site that is a staple as ac lassroom teacher.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Dear Classroom Flyer Reader;

I hope this email finds you all well, looking forward to summer, and enjoying some warmer spring days. I love seeing all the new growth now in my garden (see a picture on our blog), and I've planted loads of tomato plants this past weekend, including some heirlooms I haven't tried before (if you're a tomato grower, try "Sun Gold" - they are so sweet and delicious!).

Have you been visiting our Classroom Flyer to find an ongoing supply of fresh teaching resources, in between your newsletter mailings? If you can't access the blog at school, we suggest accessing it at a home email address; the resources - posted daily - are worth your time! As always, if you have any specific requests, we'd be glad to help you out!
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Look for a new Classroom Flyer newsletter this week, with resources for winding down the school year and a selection of interactive learning games. For daily picks on interactive games (great to keep the learning happening all summer long! - send this link suggestion home!), visit our Interactive Learning Games Blog:
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Best wishes;
Brenda Barron, Sr. Editor
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Saturday, May 01, 2010

This list of supplies required for the primary grades may of use to K to 3 teachers. As we near the end of the school year we prepare for the next.