Thursday, November 29, 2012

Language Arts Character Traits

I had the opportunity to teach a lesson on Character Traits. I used the idea of horoscopes to stimulate,  extend and enhance the lesson.
The students used their current novels, chose 3 character traits to support their choices and presented to the class. 
Students read their novels and continued to focus on learning about their characters.
~Resources to support the lesson

Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Handy Windows Conversion Tool

A Handy Conversion Tech Tool for Windows Users

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Some Real Web Treasures Worth Exploring

Carol Mortensen
Carol Mortensen
Carol Mortensen has nearly twenty-three years of educational experience. She began as a substitute teacher as she worked toward her degree. Upon graduation, Carol began teaching middle school Math and Algebra I and served as the technology liaison for her campus. She served as a teacher for 16 years and was lucky to have taught at Hillcrest Middle School, a 1:1 campus where every student  was issued a laptop computer.  She also worked as an Instructional Technology Trainer for her district providing training and technology integration support for campus and district staff, faculty and administrators.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Can't decipher all those apps for your youngsters. Add this to your educational toolbox database of apps for education. Apps for Edu

What does it mean to be literate?

What does it mean to be literate? "Title: What Does It Mean To Be Literate in the Age of Google? Abstract: What does it mean to be literate at a time when you can search over billions of texts in less than 300 milliseconds? Although you might think that “literacy” is one of the great constants that transcends the ages, the skills of a literate person have changed substantially over time as texts and technology allow for new kinds of reading and understanding. Knowing how to read is just the beginning of it—knowing how to frame a question, pose a query, how to interpret the texts that you find, how to organize and use the information you discover, how to understand your metacognition—these are all critical parts of being literate as well. In this talk I review what literacy is today, in the age of Google, and show how some very surprising and unexpected skills will turn out to be critical in the years ahead.