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a comprehensive list for everyone!

What is Livebinders, how to integrate & tips for usuage

Mark those calendars for Sept 1st. Kids writing contest opens then. For kids ages 4-13!

How to integrate Mrs. P. Storytime into the Classroom

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Ideas for literacy planning~
Also visit~
Readers Notebook
Readers Workshop
Teacher Resources
Literacy Links

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A related article can be found at So You Want to Teach

How to Keep Kids Engaged in Class

Using Technology to Enhance Engaged Learning for At-Risk Students

Keep Students On-Task

Adjust Your Teaching Style to Your Students' Learning Style

26 Keys to Student Engagement


"In terms of ongoing professional development, the good news is that one of the best, most accessible ways to get up to speed on technology integration and training options is through technology itself. The Web provides abundant opportunities for both self-directed education and more structured training -- great ways to use immersion to become familiar with new technology tools and processes."

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Fablevision an other freebies to stimulaye creativity for your classroom ~
Fablevision Resources
110+ Resources For Creative Minds

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Use this cognitive taxonomy for lesson planning and as a teacher tool. Bloom’s taxonomy provides a guideline for creating assignments, discussion questions, and assessments that address the kinds of skills that students must develop to be critical thinkers and learners.

Blooms Taxonomy as a Teaching Tool

Although developed over fifty years ago, it is easy to see why educators still know and understand the work of Benjamin Bloom. His work makes sense today, as it did when it was developed, and is of great help to teachers looking for strategies to differentiate instruction.

Planning for the steps beyond knowledge and comprehension provides opportunities for differentiation. For example, how will visual learners apply their knowledge, and will this be different than logical or mathematical learners? How will opportunities for students with special needs provide application practice while focusing on an inclusive learning environment? Teachers can view these problems as an chance to apply Bloom’s taxonomy in the development of their lessons.

You may also want to explore DIFFERENTIATED INSTRUCTION

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Also check out fun-with-flickr
and flickr-storm
A Flickr Search Tool. which iss imple, easy to use and does what it should. Nicest thing is that you can choose Creative Commons data.

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Other sites worth checking out~
Applying Literacy Projects Online

If you like all your links and resources check out ALLMYFAVES ~ -kids -games -education

For planning Mrs. Wiser's Resources

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Strengths, Weaknesses & Ideas for Classroom Use
Penzu: A Great Tool for Teachers & Students
Who uses Penzu?

For example teachers and students can use Penzu to take notes in classes and meetings. Printing with Penzu is quite easy. The documents come out just like they look like on the page. A simple, elegant tool that be used in a myraid of ways.
And some writing/journal prompts
Writing Prompts as a Teaching Strategy
Journal Writing
Education World and Journal Writing
Monthly Writing Prompts

What teacher does not require "A Tool For The Creation Of Quizzes"!! It's a fun website filled to the brim with games, quizzes, and much more! It aims to make the life of teachers and instructors somehow easier. We could define it as a supple creator of quizzes and worksheets. And welcome to the quizinator blog where you will find tips and updates.

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Thanks to BjB of Tappedin
Posted by: BjB
Discussion in Room: K-12 Students
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Subject: [K12Student_Grp][BjB] Re: Penzu

I signed up and this message was sent:

Penzu is a free online diary and personal journal with a focus on privacyâ which means that everything you write is automatically private and for your eyes only. You can share your entries via email or a public link, but only if you want to.

Need some inspiration? Or tips on how to get started? Click here!

Looking forward to seeing if you can use this in your classroom or personally for journaling. I have heard many educators are using the latest Penzu in the classroom and for their personal development as well.


Additional thoughts about Penzu can be found at Teachweb2
Writing with Penzu

I can contemplate a myriad of uses for this simple but elegant tool for the classroom! Plant your question and grow your answer.

Some examples....

Where do you learn about innovation for your classroom?
Check out AnswerGarden

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Tech Tips For Teachers: Free, Easy and Useful Creation Tools ...
"You might be looking for ways to refresh or update your bag of tricks. Or maybe you’re trying to meet new technology requirements, such as using interactive whiteboards. Or perhaps you’re just curious to find out how technology tools can enhance your teaching and your students’ experience and engagement in your courses.

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

"We scoured hundreds of responses and have come up with the following list. The following tools have not been verified and are simply based on the number of times each was mentioned on Twitter during this hashtag discussion."

These Math packets were created to align with the Everyday Math Curriculum used during the school year to provide additonal practice during the summer. Each week consists of six problems that review, maintain and deepen the skills and concepts learned in the six strands of mathematics: Operations and Computation, Numeration, Patterns, Functions and Algebra, Data

Making sense of twitter!!

Friday, July 09, 2010

Storybird is an excellent way to get your students enthusiastically writing. As a classroom storytelling tool it's a web based alternative that allows you to access your stories over the web, freeing your computer of countless files. For reluctant writers, Storybird is a nice way to provide inspiration. Young learners could easily use the artwork on the site for brainstorming. Once a book has been approved by the site’s moderators, Storybird generates embed code that allows you to post the stories on your own classroom sites.

An example

Also explore Picture Books in the Classroom

Suggestions for Classroom/lab Use

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Look at the General Maths ideas and resources listed or browse around the other Maths sections.

Webisode tutorials/episodes for both students and teachers of some of the best and more recent web tools. Also can be used for PD.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Wordle type app for the younger set. Easy to save features and other strategies for easier use.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The Art of the Chart (tips to amp up graphic organizers and classroom decorations)!!
The chart was a staple in my grade 2 class. Here are some charting ideas to grab the attention of your students.

Thanks to BJ of TappedIn for suggesting the link!

Among the treasures I have found here are~
Bonomo is a nice warmup activity to your art classes. Let the inner creativity of students emerge here.
Some classroom ideas for tech integration can be found at I Learn Technology
Techniques and Ideas for Using BOMOMO

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Is there really a Web 3.0

"Can you believe all the talk these days about Web 3.0? I’ve been doing some research to assess how much of it is reality, since I have to admit that I seem to have missed the clues to the transition to Web 2.0, and I’m determined that it won’t happen again."

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eschool's Thoughts from the Show Floor
Post iste10 reflection
5 ISTE Great Blog Posts
Report from EduBloggerCon at ISTE10: Trends and Tools
Post-ISTE Thoughts
Take the Time to Explore these Links
Drapes Takes on ISTE2010
Beyond Tools:Thoughtful 21st Century School Reform
Growing the Movement

Other overview sessions can be found here:

Great Slideshare presentation from #ISTE2010 on Interactive Portfolios
Great Resources from the Smackdown

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Sites that caught my eye on this Canada Day Weekend~~